Duanyang Kong Postdoctoral Researcher (2017–2021) Duanyang is a prof at the University of Science and Technology Beijing

Alexis Gabbey Undergraduate (B.Sc. 2020) Alex joined the grad program in Chemistry at Toronto

Ruohua Gui Undergraduate (B.Sc. 2020) Ruohua joined the grad program in Chemistry at McGill

Raphael Dada Graduate Student (Ph.D. 2020) Raph is a medicinal chemist at Paraza Pharma in Montreal

Erica Lui  Postdoctoral Researcher (2019-2020) Erica joined the Education program at Alberta

Patrick Moon Graduate Student (Ph.D. 2019) Patrick was awarded an NSERC PDF to work in Dean Toste’s lab at UC Berkeley

Bohdan Sosunovych Undergraduate (MITACS Fellow 2019) Bohdan returned to Ukraine to finish his undergraduate studies

Clara Vicera High School Student (Alberta WISEST, 2019) Clara finished high school and is an undergrad at Alberta

Zhongyu Wei  Graduate Student (M.Sc. 2018) Zhongyu is a chemist at Intellisyn in Montreal

Amy Wohlgemuth  High School Student (Alberta WISEST, 2018) Amy joined the Chemical Engineering program at Waterloo

Wenyu “Mac” Qian  Undergraduate (B.Sc. 2018) Wenyu joined the grad program in Chemistry at McGill

Anis Fahandej-Sadi  Graduate Student (M.Sc. 2018) Anis spent some time in Korea and then started at Aurora Biomed

Shengkang Yin  Graduate Student (M.Sc. 2017) Shengkang joined the Ph.D. program at Florida

Heather Halperin  Undergraduate (Alberta URi, 401/403, B.Sc. 2017) Heather joined the medical school program at Alberta

Emily Willette  High School Student (Alberta WISEST, 2017) After finishing high school Emily started as a Pharmacology major at Alberta

Bryce Thomas  Graduate Student (M.Sc. 2016) Bryce took up a glassblower apprenticeship

Jenner Lakusta  Undergraduate (NSERC USRA 2014/2015, AHIS 2016, B.Sc. 2016) Jenner is now Dr. Jenner (MD) after finishing medical school at Alberta

Ping Shen   Undergraduate (Alberta URi, 401/403, B.Sc. 2016) Ping took up a job at East China Pharma

Chris Godwin Undergraduate (401/403, B.Sc. 2015) Chris joined the grad program in Chemistry at UOttawa

Nathan Paisley Undergraduate (NSERC USRA 2014, B.Sc. 2015) Nathan joined the grad program in Chemistry at UBC

Morgan MacInnis Postdoctoral Researcher (2013-2014) Morgan worked for Secure Energy and later joined Universal Display Corp in New Jersey