Research Group Members

Rylan IMG_34491-1024x706 (1)Lundgren

Assistant Professor
University of Alberta

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
California Institute of Technology
Dalhousie University
B.Sc. (Hons.)
University of Manitoba


Rylan was born and raised in Winnipeg, MB and completed his B.Sc. in Chemistry at the University of Manitoba. During his undergraduate studies he worked in the labs of Prof. Mario Bieringer and Prof. Deryn Fogg (Ottawa). Rylan conducted doctoral research under the guidance of Prof. Mark Stradiotto at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS where he studied the design and application of P,N-ligands for platinum group metal-catalyzed reactions. This included the development of the DalPhos family ligands. As an NSERC Postdoctoral research fellow in lab of Prof. Gregory Fu at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and later the California Institute of Technology, Rylan studied transition metal, organocatalytic, and photoinduced methodologies for the synthesis and functionalization of amines. In July 2013 he began as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Alberta.




Patrick Moon

Graduate Student (NSERC CGS-D)

B.Sc. – University of Ottawa 2014




Anis Fahandej-Sadi

Graduate Student (NSERC PGS-D)

B.Sc. – University of British Columbia Ok. 2015



Raphael Dada

Graduate Student

B.Sc. – University of Lagos 2012




Zhongyu Wei

Graduate Student

B.Sc. – Tianjin University 2016



Wenyu (Mac) Qian





Ruohua Gui






Chris Cooze

Graduate Student

B. Sc. – Memorial University Newfoundland 2017




Duanyang Kong

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ph.D. – Beijing Normal Univerisity (Guohua Hou)



Former Members

Shengkang Yin Graduate Student (M.Sc. 2017)

Heather Halperin Undergraduate (Alberta URi, 401/403, B.Sc. 2017)

Bryce Thomas  Graduate Student (M.Sc. 2016)

Jenner Lakusta  Undergraduate (NSERC USRA 2014/2015, AHIS 2016, B.Sc. 2016)

Ping Shen   Undergraduate (Alberta URi, 401/403, B.Sc. 2016)

Chris Godwin Undergraduate (401/403, B.Sc. 2015)

Nathan Paisley Undergraduate (NSERC USRA 2014, B.Sc. 2015)

Morgan MacInnis Postdoctoral Researcher (2013-2014)

Join Us: Students interested conducting graduate or undergraduate research in homogeneous catalysis, synthetic inorganic, organometallic and organic chemistry are encouraged to contact Rylan via email to discuss research projects and opportunities at Alberta. More information on the graduate program in Chemistry and the University of Alberta can be found here.