Group News Archive


[Chris, Shengkang, Ping, Patrick, Bryce, Jenner and Rylan – Dec 2014]

Group News Archive

Dec. 2017: Anis’ paper on decarboxylative arylation of fluoroacetates appears in Synlett.

Oct. 2017: The group attends the Banff Symposium for Organic Chemistry, where Patrick was the conference chair. Zhongyu and Raphael won the poster prize! Thanks to a great team effort, our work on Ir-catalyzed Z-selective carbene-cross-coupling reactions appears in Chem. Sci.

Sept. 2017: Chris Cooze joins the group as a graduate student.

Aug. 2017: Duanyang Kong joins the group as a postdoctoral fellow.

June 2017: Big congratulations to Shengkang for defending his M.Sc. thesis!

May 2017: Ruohua joins the group, Mac is awarded an Alberta Innovates Summer Studentship Award. After many oxidative cross-couplings, Heather completes her undergrad degree, congrats!

Mar. 2017: Anis wins a 2017 Graduate Student Teaching Award from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research!

Feb. 2017: Patrick’s short review on the development of our oxidative coupling reactions is published in Synlett.

Nov. 2016: Patrick is awarded a Novartis Canada Graduate Scholarship.

Oct. 2016: Patrick and Shengkang’s work on Cu-catalyzed decarboxylative arylation of malonic acids is published in J. Am. Chem. Soc. Patrick wins the Gilead Award for Excellence in Organic Chemistry, congrats and thanks to Gilead Alberta! Zhongyu Wei joins the group.

Oct. 2016: Rylan and Mark Stradiotto’s (Dalhousie) co-edited book Ligand Design in Metal Chemistry is published and is available online. A big thanks goes to all the chapter contributors.

Sept. 2016: Bryce completes his M.Sc. thesis and is the first graduate of the group! Heather rejoins the lab for her honours thesis.

June 2016: Mac joins the group as an undergraduate researcher. Jenner is awarded the Department of Chemistry’s Gold Medal in Chemistry. Rylan and Patrick give talks at the CSC in Halifax.

April 2016: Big Congrat$: Anis is awarded an NSERC PGS-D fellowship. Jenner wins an Alberta Innovates Health Solutions summer studentship.

Mar. 2016: Bryce has been awarded the 2016 Graduate Student Teaching Award by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research!

Feb. 2016: Our collaboration with the Derda Group on azobenzene allenamides for peptide macrocyclization appears in Bioconjugate Chem. Patrick and Heather’s recent work is one of the most accessed ACIE papers in January, thanks for the clicks!

Jan. 2016: Ping finishes her undergraduate research project, good luck Ping! Patrick and Heather’s paper on oxidative coupling of enolates and aryl boron reagents appears in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.

Nov. 2015: Our paper on allylic deoxygenation appears in Chem. Commun.

Oct. 2015: Bryce and Patrick give presentations at the Banff Symposium for Organic Chemistry. Raphael Dada joins the group.

Sept. 2015: Anis Fahandej-Sadi (B.Sc. UBC Ok) joins the group.

Summer 2015: Rylan and Patrick give talks at the CSC in Ottawa, Rylan attends the Organometallics GRC.

May 2015: Jenner (NSERC) and Ping (URi) continue in the group on summer research fellowships and Heather (URi) joins the group.